Recommended Reading

What I’m reading (Thursday Thoughts, April 5th, 2012)

I just started reading Jonah Lehrer’s most recent work,

“Imagine: How Creativity Works.”

Have previously read and enjoyed one of Lehrer’s earlier books, “How We Decide,” I’m looking forward to his take on the concept of human creativity. He does a wonderful job of explaining concepts using scientific terms, but with additional background information and interesting narratives that make those scientific concepts accessible to a wider audience, which is exactly what I hope to do here for linguistics!

And even though I just started the book, I’ve already glanced through it, and noticed several linguistic concepts, notably a footnote that talks about using different verbs to describe a seemingly unsolvable problem, which is like the linguistic concept of re-framing.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can find and relate to my current training and research. Look for a future post where I discuss the details!


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